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links and domain thoughts [Sep. 26th, 2009|05:43 pm]
Erstwhile Network Updates


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Domain's link page got an overhaul. I'm now affiliate-less. Nobody who had an updated site seemed to have me listed as an affiliate, just "sisters' or something else. I did keep everyone linked who still has a site. But if there's a mistake let me know. I need to hunt down some new links. The domain itself will be getting a new layout this week probably. I hate the current design so much, as it was a rush job.

I am considering getting another domain (probably a shorter .nu domain) toward the end of the year to use as a game domain. Thus, freeing up December-Rain for a more professional portfolio type site. Sites that most people link to, like In the Fade will have the directory remaining so that people can always find the link to the new site.

I have a few domains in mind. One of them was my old domain overload.nu. But since I recently grabbed up my first domain to use as a personal site, Sweet-Essence, I'm thinking I'll go for something different. And because of the price of the domain, I think I'm going to register it for 2 years, and then put money aside for the next few months and register it for another two years. That way, I've got it for 4 years.