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In the Fade: Updates [Sep. 14th, 2009|12:18 am]
Erstwhile Network Updates



Added several sites to the directory.
Added one new Affiliate, Apple Gel

Final Fantasy Series

Purity (IV Rosa) | Undergoing revamp.

Marauder (VI Locke) | Undergoing revamp.

Perfect Disguise (VI Shadow) | No shrine content.

Angels Instead (VII Sephiroth) | Site was down / not loading.

Invincible (VII Tseng ) | 404

Ninja (VII Yuffie) | Expired domain.

Matron (VIII Edea) | Site was down.

Precious Sting (VIII Quistis) | Closed.

Angel Wing (VIII Rinoa) | Not Functional.

Tilmit (VIII Selphie ) | Closed.

Apocalypse (VIII Ultimecia) | Closed.

Final Heaven (VIII Zell) | Closed

Fayth (X/X-2 Jecht) | Expried domain.

Dauntless (X/X-2 Khimari) | Site was down.

Upbeat Soul (X/X-2 Rikku) | Closed.

Solaria (X/X-2 Tidus) | Expired domain.

Faith (X/X-2 Yuna) | Expired domain.

Shoukanshi (X/X-2 Yuna) | Expired domain.

Water Nymph / Sharpshooter (X/X-2 Yuna) | Closed.

Fran of Viera (XII Fran) | Closed.

Beowulf (Tactics Ramza ) | Site was down

Kingdom Hearts Series

Amrita (Kairi) | Site was down.

Starless (Namine) | Site was down.

Echo (Roxas) | Site was down.

Zero (Roxas) | 404.

Hanabi (Sora & Kairi) | Undergoing revamp.

White Shadows (Roxas & Namine) | Site was down.

Other Series

Diamond Dust (Legend of Dragoon, Meru) | Expired domain.

Moonlight (Legend of Dragoon, Miranda) | Expired domain.

Dark Rose (Legend of Dragoon, Rose) | Expired domain.

Trinity (Valkire Profile, Lenneth) | 404.

Memories Lost (Wild Arms, Jet) | Suspended account.

Sukioden Series

Forever Means (Jowy) | Expired domain.

Tales of Series

Hymnaria (Abyss, Tear) | Site was down.

Polaris (Symphonia, Kratos) | Site was down.

Solitas (Symphonia, Presea) | Site was down.

Venus Seal (Symphonia, Sheena) | Site was down.


Captivity (Febronia) | Suspended account.

Caliber (Jr.) | Suspended account.

Ersatz (MOMO) | Suspended account.

Key - Actions taken:

Moved to Pending

Your site was placed back on the pending list (removed from view). Let me know that your site is up and it's name. It will be placed back on the list.

Site was down - at the time of link checks, your site was not loading properly.

Undergoing revamp or hiatus - Site was not open but a notice was left in it's place.

404 error - A 404 error was encountered while visiting your site.

Not Functional - Site is non-functiong or not working when the link was checked

Suspended Account - A message of a suspended account was displayed.

Removed from List

Your site was deleted from the database. Please submit the form again when the site is back online.

No shrine content - Site was a fanlisting only or little/no shrine content.

Expired Domain - Domain expried. Checked for site's new location and none was found.

Closed - The site was closed.


(Deleted comment)
[User Picture]From: tehrin
2009-09-14 05:21 am (UTC)
Yeah. Thankfully most of the sites were down, and are probably temporary. But the ones that were closed were mostly "I've moved on from doing shines". And of course, lots of expired domains. T_T

But there were some GOOD shrines in there that were closed. Really sad to see them go. :(
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